State funding for public schools has limited Marshall Public School’s ability to operate and maintain our schools without local taxpayer referendum support.

On April 2, Marshall Public Schools will encourage residents to vote for an operating referendum to authorize exceeding the current revenue limit by $1.25 million beginning with the 2019-2020 school year. A successful operational referendum is needed to recruit/retain quality staff, provide college/advanced placement/elective courses, update instructional resources, provide up-to-date technology, maintain reasonable class sizes, and offer a variety of co-curricular programs. Of the $1.25 million, $875,000 would be allocated on a recurring (permanent) basis. The remaining $375,000 would be allocated on a non-recurring (temporary) basis for the 2019-2022 school years (three years). Please note that the April 2 ballot will contain only one question, the authorization of exceeding the revenue limit by $1.25 million through recurring and non-recurring basis.

As financial stewards to the community, the board of education and administration believe that annual budget cuts are necessary wherever possible. Even with resident support for operational referendums over the past six years, Marshall Public Schools continued to make budget cuts. For example, even with a successful referendum on April 2, the district anticipates needing to cut more than $300,000 going into the 2019-2020 school year.

In 2016-2017, the total educational cost average, per student in the South Capital Conference, was $13,245. The state average was $13,182. Marshall’s cost per student was $12,804.

All residents are encouraged to vote on April 2. Special thanks for your support of public education in Marshall.

Dan Grady

District Administrator

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