We would like to urge you to research the candidates’ positions on climate change as you make your choices this November for the voices you will send to Madison and Washington.

Rain events in the Midwest last longer and hold more moisture which in 2018 washed away roads, flooded communities, and damaged crops in Wisconsin. Drought out west contributed to larger, more destructive wildfires, while warmer oceans fueled more powerful hurricanes and storm surges. The state of Wisconsin and our government in Washington have removed all mention of climate change from their literature, websites, and the planning process for the future. Every other nation in the world is implementing procedures to try to slow the rate of change.

We have heard from our leaders, on both the state and national level, that they do not want to damage our economy by addressing the climate change threat. As this year shows, there is damage being done to individuals, families, businesses, and government budgets on every level due to the impact of extreme weather events intensified by the warming atmosphere.

In the past, Democrats have tried to introduce bills creating fees for burning carbon. A marker bill, sponsored by Rep. Carlo Curbelo, R-FL, has been introduced as a way to spark debate and innovative thinking in regards to our responses to the changes in weather patterns and their intensity. He has decided to become involved, because his constituents, near Miami, will continue to pay a high price for our inaction. A carbon tax is a fee imposed on fuels that release carbon into the atmosphere when they are burned. The fees would occur when the fuels are extracted from the ground or when they are imported into the U.S. The tax is figured proportionately based on the amount of greenhouse gas released during burning with coal being the most heavily taxed. Petroleum would be taxed less, and natural gas would be taxed at the lowest level. The bill is designed to start the discussion on how to address this problem.

We support bipartisan efforts to reduce carbon emissions and slow the accumulation of greenhouse gasses which heat up the atmosphere. We urge you to do the same. The longer we wait, the more difficult the solutions will be. It is time for our representatives to act on our behalf, as well as, for our children and grandchildren.

Bob and Sue Volenec

Lake Mills

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