Have you taken the survey yet, and weighed in on what’s important to you and your family? The link to the survey is available at www.jeffersoncountywi.gov/index.php.

Two documents which impact growth, resources, and life as we know it in Jefferson County over the next decade (and likely, beyond) are being updated, the County’s Comprehensive Plan and the Agricultural Preservation and Land Use Plan.

Now is the time for us as taxpayers to let our municipal leaders know our priorities on land use; agricultural, natural, and cultural resources; transportation; housing; economic development; community facilities; and intergovernmental cooperation.

Public meetings on these two documents are taking place over the next three weeks in a variety of locations throughout the county. In addition to a presentation of the overall planning process and intent of the plans, discussion and question and answer will follow the presentation.

Here are upcoming dates of the public meetings, which take place from 6 until 8 p.m.:

• Wednesday, July 10, Dwight Foster Memorial Library, 209 Merchants Ave., Fort Atkinson;

• Thursday, July 11, Lake Mills Municipal Building, 200 N. Water St., Lake Mills.

It’s our job as citizens to be proactively engaged in the planning process, since decisions made will impact our families and our communities, and potentially future generations as well.

If we do not share our ideas, concerns, and questions, we risk sending the message to our county leaders that we do not care about what happens. So not so.

Thank you for making time to provide public input. Please encourage folks you know to do the same.

Together, we can make a difference and can help shape the future of our communities.

Anita J. Martin

Lake Mills

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