Cell tower hearing

On Thursday, Jan. 31 at 7 p.m., the Waterloo Plan Commission will hold a hearing on whether Waterloo should install a cell tower in Waterloo Firemen’s Park.

The city will only get $9,480 per year from the installation. Since Waterloo has a population of 3,333 (2010 census) that means that the city is selling your health for about $2.84 a year. If you think your health is worth more than that, educate yourself, attend the meeting, and speak out.

Experts, medical associations, and even government agencies have said that the FCC limits governing the radiation emitted by cell towers are outdated and insufficient to protect public health.

Contrary to claims by the AT&T representative, radiation emitted by the tower does not stay “floating hundreds of feet above our heads.” The phones wouldn’t work if this were the case. Tree damage caused by radiation from cell towers nicely illustrates this, as well as the radiation’s deadly potential (www.electricalpollution.com/WirelessKillsTrees.html).

A recent U.S. National Toxicology Program study looking at the carcinogenicity of radiation emitted by wireless technology has found that it causes cancer and also breaks DNA. Epidemiological studies have shown increased levels of cancer around cell towers and other microwave/radiofrequency transmitters. Cancer risks increase with increasing exposure. Higher exposure levels often occur near the tower, but also occur at a distance where the microwave beams near the ground and on hills hit by the main lobe.

The French Phonegate scandal has revealed that most phones used in contact with the body, as everyone does, far exceed European and FCC exposure guidelines. They also exceed the exposure levels found to cause cancer.

Other serious biological effects include depression, anxiety, irritability, poor sleep, lowered pain threshold, cognitive, cardiac and neurological effects, oxidative effects and endocrine disruption. A list of steps to take to minimize your family’s exposure can be found on the solutions page at www.ElectricalPollution.com.

Studies show a decline of up to 20 percent in property values near a cell tower. Those studies were performed before awareness about the health effects was as widespread as it is today.

Please take a moment to visit www.EHTrust.org, www.EMFscientist.org, www.WeAreTheEvidence.org, and www.WisconsinSafeTech.com to learn more about the health hazard posed by wireless radiation.

Then, come to the public hearing and voice your opposition to the city installing a tower in Firemen’s Park. Better to speak up now, than be forced to move later.

Catherine Kleiber


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