In December, a federal judge in Texas ruled the A.C.A. to be unconstitutional, putting it at risk. One part of the Affordable Care Act protects people with pre-existing health conditions. It guarantees them access to affordable health insurance. Without this, their lives are endangered.

Recently Republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly brought forth a bill, AB1, which appears to protect people with pre-existing conditions. At first glance, it seems to be a good bill. Unfortunately, it is not adequate to protect people in Wisconsin who have pre-existing conditions.

What is missing in this bill are protections that require that health plans actually cover essential health care services, prohibits insurers from imposing annual or lifetime caps on benefits, facilitates the operation of a subsidized individual insurance market that has enough participants to be able to offer quality, affordable insurance plans, applies federal consumer protections to employer-sponsored insurance plans that are exempt from state regulation.

To quote the Kaiser Family Foundation, “An insurer would have to give you insurance if you have a pre-existing condition, but it could exclude any services associated with your pre-existing condition. This would make protections for people with pre-existing conditions a bit of a mirage.”

State Rep. Barbara Dittrich of Assembly District 38, has signed on to AB1. To protect your access to affordable health care, contact her now to say that AB1 is inadequate. Your life, or the life someone you love, may depend on it.

Leslie DeMuth

Lake Mills

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