I used to think that showing up to vote in every single election was enough. I realize now that, even though I have only a single vote, I can use my voice and my time to encourage others to vote and become knowledgeable about the candidates and the issues. I’m telling everyone I meet that there are better choices out there. Good people that can truly represent us and not just their hyper-partisan re-election agenda.

In the 38th District race we have an outstanding candidate in Melissa Winker who embodies the kind of positive change that I think we need in government. Melissa is not a career politician but one of our neighbors who understands the challenges and priorities of our community.

As a parent, I care most about the education of my children and the world they’ll live in as they grow. Melissa Winker is a teacher so I know she’ll protect our schools and our kids and do her best to see that their education is properly funded. Melissa is committed to protecting our environment and our healthcare – both essential for the well-being of our kids and their future.

I’ve met Melissa Winker and I’ve been impressed again and again with her genuine passion, her amazing work ethic, and her willingness to get out into our community to talk with us.

Learn more about Melissa Winker at WinkerforWisconsin.com.

Please join me in supporting Melissa Winker on Nov. 6 and encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to do the same!

Steve Gill


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