To the editor,

I guess I am going to have to leave Waterloo after receiving the new regulations posted by mail from Badgerland Disposal to Waterloo residents.

Badgerland Disposal is telling us that animal waste cannot be put in the trash container. Advance Disposal did not put such restrictions on us. I always put my animal waste into separate tied plastic bags any way, before putting the animal waste into the trash container. I’m also going to have to add bricks to the space I had constructed to place the trash cans on because Badgerland Disposal is demanding three feet between the cans.

What if every pet owner left Waterloo? Was that the intent? I would imagine that half of Waterloo residents have at least one pet. A small dog’s waste could probably be flushed. But, what about a cat who uses a litter box – the litter cannot be flushed away. After I was back in Wisconsin for three years, I was sorely tempted to return to Tallahassee even though I have family here and none in Florida.

Now I guess I will have to leave.

Donna Davis


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