In the 38th Assembly District, both Melissa Winker and Barbara Dittrich claim to support fully fund public schools. Yet, how they describe what that means is very different. When asked by Citizen Advocates for Public Education in Lake Mills,

“Since 2011, state support for public schools has been cut by $3.5 billion (Wisconsin Budget Project). This has forced many districts to go to referendum to maintain programs, facilities, and staff. Will you support restoring funding to pre-2011 levels?”

Melissa Winker responded:

“I fully support restoring funding for public schools to pre-2011 levels. Education is the most important factor contributing to whether our residents have the chance to earn a living wage, engage as active citizens, and enjoy the full promise of the American Dream. Reduced state funding has already begun to harm students: our state has problems attracting and retaining teachers, class sizes are growing, and learning programs have been eliminated. Full funding for public education is a top priority in my campaign.”

Barbara Dittrich: No response

We do know Barbara Dittrich supports Scott Walker, who has made some of the worse cuts to public education, devastating our classrooms. This past budget put Wisconsin public school funding below the national average, along with restricting local authorities’ ability to help schools increase funding as needed. State general aid funding for schools will be lower in 2018-19 than it was in 2011.

We also know Melissa Winker supports Tony Evers, who also supports fully funded public schools as Melissa describes.

Who is more likely to follow through on their promise to the future of our children?

Betty Koepsel


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