Winker endorsement

Why would a busy mother of four young children take time out from her teaching career of 17 years to run for the 38th Assembly District? Melissa Winker wants to make a difference. How refreshing to endorse a non-career politician who will listen to her constituents. She will fight for clean water and conservation; honest and ethical government; health care; education; safety a critical priority for schools and churches; and promote local business incentives.

Learn more about Melissa by going to her website at

Please vote for Melissa Winker on Nov. 6.

Peg Storrs

Lake Mills

Vote climate

I was a brand new FEMA reservist when Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans and a wide swath of the coastal south. My initial responsibility was to help people get registered with FEMA. I met firsthand those who were suffering incredible loss. For me, natural disasters have a face and a story. Sadly, today these are Wisconsin stories and Wisconsin faces as a result of flooding from the recent torrential rains.

Our changing climate is causing weather disasters to be more frequent and more intense. Record rainfall in Wisconsin is one example. Extended drought and wildfires in the West is another. Worldwide record heat is another.

In November, we will be voting in important mid-term elections. What does your candidate have to say about climate change? Does she or he propose solutions?

New stories of suffering and new faces come with each weather related disaster. We need elected leaders who are determined to address the challenge of climate change. In November, please vote climate!

Peggy Glassford

Lake Mills

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