To the editor,

Who in the world planned and accepted the idea of the ugly gold planters now outside the Municipal Office Building? Are they a gift from a person, company or leftover funds designed to create a welcoming Waterloo? Who or what Council agreement or OK accepted this idea? It looks too large, too much like a mushroom structure painted gold for? Or is it gold or copper planters hoping for the “big donor” that is to bring big dollar industry to our small town struggling to find its place as it was thriving years ago.

Flower planters were on the bridge railing areas years ago, welcoming travelers coming to Waterloo from the east and west. This to me, would have been a better selection of place and a colorful, warm welcome to visitors and residents alike. Or money used to finish up the Veteran’s Monument in the Veteran’s Park. The bronze tablets/names should be polished or repaired. Yes, the foundation was done, but was the upper part completed?

Anybody else care about this action? Perhaps, seven members elected to the City Council knew about this action. Or perhaps the “Contingency Fund” was tapped again to cover this useless project. Or perhaps it is better to sit and remain silent as many Council representatives do. When their term is up, remember just what input did they express? Or maybe we will see another add on tax, wheel tax, license tax or who knows what it will be?

People speak up or forever suffer the consequences.

Maureen Wolfgram Giese


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As you are on facebook often posting on the historical society page, it would be a surprise if you weren’t following the "City of Waterloo" page.

The City of Waterloo Facebook page posted on September 6th at 11:37am the following:

Thank you Chip & Loretta Pinz of Custom Plastics Industries for donating three custom planters for Waterloo's downtown. Thank you McKay Nursery for the plants.

Please make sure next time to research and ask questions before writing such an uninformed and disrespectful letter to the editor. These planters and plants were donated to beautify the downtown area.

I agree with many other citizens, that these were a lovely gesture. Maybe they should have toothed their own horn and had the name of their business on a plaque on he back of the planter.

Such a shame you could not research and see that none of your tax dollars or the parks department money was wasted on something that is not aesthetically pleasing to one person in a city of thousands.

Jessica Pickel

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