Most people with mental health issues never commit a violent act. But a key issue in many of the mass shootings involve a person with severe mental health issues. The opioid epidemic in our country also drives violent crime.

After every heart-breaking news story we all scream “somebody do something!” If you are serious about really attacking those problems at the state level, vote Barb Dittrich for the 38th Assembly district seat. Barb’s top issues are mental health and opioid abuse.

Barb knows that unaddressed mental health issues are deeply affecting families as well as the wider community. Elect her and she will work toward community-based, preventive and therapeutic services and supports that will be there for anyone experiencing a mental health crisis.

She knows how to bring together law enforcement, mental health professionals, churches, affected individuals and government agencies to get help to those who need it.

Start electing leaders who will combat serious issues at their root causes. Vote Barb Dittrich on Nov. 6.

Rita Prescott

Lake Mills

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