Where are the snowmen winter decor that graced our downtown last winter? If we want as a “community” to promote our downtown area everyone and every organization should cooperate with “community” spirit! I believe the snowmen figures brought a lot of smiles, cheers, and spirit to the “four corners.” Was the Portland 4-H group that made the figures, or another group?

If the City or Chamber cannot help out, possibly “we the people” will have to step up. Editor, please find out how someone can help this winter season with a caring community spirit.

I also would like to commend The Courier staff on placing a picture of the Carousel horse w/child on the cover of the Marshall & Waterloo Community Guide. Thank you for bringing attention to our 1911 all wood, C. W. Parker Historic Carousel, fully restored and awarded National and State Awards for a project started in 1925 by a group of Firemen. Promoted through the years by the Art Setz family, Gordy and Margo Setz Cronin, and thousands of volunteers who cherish historic Waterloo. Our Firemen’s Park will live on if we all acknowledge the “community spirit “ that our early settlers did by working together, listening and talking over issues and then “doing” something.

I also would like The Courier to revive the Yesteryear column. I deal with history. History is documentation, snippets of the past make life enjoyable. Please consider restoring a bit of our past as we venture into the 2020s. Another decade of moving forward? Or perhaps, like the snowmen we will have a melt-down.

Maureen Giese, Waterloo Area Historical Society volunteer


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