Are Stony Brook Creek, the Maunesha River Watershed, and the ground-waters of the state important to you and your family?

If yes, now is the time to weigh in on the proposed WPDES wastewater water pollution permit and Nutrient Management Plan for the egg laying farm at 4383 Highway O in Marshall/Deerfield.

On Aug. 23, the Lake Mills Leader newspaper ran a Department of Natural Resources public notice regarding WPDES wastewater permit renewal for “Daybreak Foods Inc. Lake Mills Complex/ ‘LMC.’” The public comment period runs until Sept. 21 (WPDES WI-0057550-06-0).

The CAFO agricultural facility has the capacity to house up to 1,015,000 laying hens that produce eggs in six separate high-rise poultry buildings. Inside the layer barns, the chickens live in cages located in the upper level of the barn and the manure produced is stored in the lower level of the barn. Approximately 5,000 tons of solid manure and 1,947,500 gallons of process wastewater will be produced yearly.

Both Stony Brook Creek and the Maunesha River, which receive discharge from this facility, are listed on Wisconsin’s impaired waterways list.

The Highway O facility has a total of 10,057 acres available for land application of manure, and process wastewater generated by washing the eggs, equipment, and building interior. The DNR says “9,907.87 acres are available (or open) to receive manure and process wastewater on an annual basis.”

Unlike the Daybreak Foods Inc. Creekwood Farm in Town of Lake Mills on County A, Crossman and Nelson roads, this farm is not undergoing construction or expansion, and does not voice plans to go “cage-free” during the five-year permit period.

The permit materials are posted at and (land-spreading documents AG-NMP-SC-2018-13-X02-06T09-41-02).

Comments should be directed to and/or postal mail Mark Cain, DNR SCR Headquarters, 3911 Fish Hatchery Rd., Fitchburg, WI 53711; (608) 275-3252. Public input on WPDES WI-0057550-06-0 must be received by Sept. 21 to count, so allow plenty of postal mailing time.

Anita J. Martin

citizen advocate

Lake Mills

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