In 2008, a small family farm in Ixonia petitioned to be an industrial sized operation, and changed the landscape. The Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) has approximately 2,000 dairy cows on 33 acres of land. In comparison, we are living next to a town-sized population with the waste output of 36,000 people. The CAFO’s bovine population will grow again in two years. We are increasingly concerned about our water, our air quality, health risks and property devaluation.

There is hope for the future in Melissa Winker, a candidate for Assembly District 38. When I met her and started a conversation, she wanted to know more. She came out to view the landscape, to talk to neighbors, to actively listen to all sides of the story. She is an educator, someone who cares about the future of all children. Melissa did not come out to garner my vote, as I don’t reside in Assembly District 38. Melissa took the initiative to get a more in-depth understanding of CAFOs, issues they pose for all Wisconsin residents. With over 300 CAFOs in Wisconsin, property owners throughout the state need to increase their awareness, become educated, and vote for change.

Start a conversation with Melissa, find out what she is passionate about. Compare her to the other candidate running for the 38th Assembly District. Make your voices heard in November. How concerned are you about how you leave your corner of the world to the next generation?

Janet Foust


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