To the editor,

Trees around Waterloo have been looking sick. Many have an abnormal yellowy or grayish color. Others are exhibiting browning in spots or premature fall color. Some are dying, others are dead and gone. The trees have been suffering for several years, but it is becoming increasingly clear that there is a real and serious environmental pollutant causing this distress.

Radiation emitted by wireless technology is known to cause these tree health problems (see

All this is happening even without installation of the new cell tower.

You can make a difference for yourself and the trees by turning your cell phone off when you aren’t making a call (A recent Chicago Tribune expose´ found that most cell phones violate FCC radiation limits as they are commonly used and stored — in contact with the body.); uninstalling apps that cause your phone to constantly download data (This protects your privacy too, listen to NPR’s program Fresh Air from July 31, 2019: How Tech Companies Track Your Every Move); wiring home technology (The damage pattern exhibited by some trees point to home WiFi systems as the culprit.); and asking the Waterloo Electric Utility to stop using wireless utility meters (

You can also learn more at the websites below and start applying pressure to politicians to protect our health and the environment by establishing meaningful biologically-based safety limits for the radiofrequency/microwave radiation emitted by wireless technology and by repealing section 704 of the 1996 Telecommunications Act which has forced communities across the nation to accept these dangerous exposures for the last 23 years in order to benefit wealthy corporations.

If you live will be able to see the new cell tower once it is installed, you would be wise to learn more about radiofrequency/microwave sickness (,, and and then visit your doctor for a pre-installation checkup, testing, and lab work. That way when the radiation the cell tower emits compromises your health, you will stand a chance of being able to prove it.

If you are interested in protecting your family by minimizing their radiofrequency/microwave radiation exposure, visit the Solutions page at

Catherine Kleiber


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