Three years after the passage of Gov. Scott Walker’s Act 10, a Monona Grove School Board member said, “The great irony is that Act 10 has created a marketplace for good teachers.”

Leah Vukmir was there to fight for Act 10. She stood her ground against violent, angry, un-ending protests. She fought for good teachers, superior schools and educated children who will go on to enrich our communities and our state.

Gone are the days when the teachers’ union bosses insisted on contracts that treat K-12 employees as if they were, to quote Obama-appointed U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan “interchangeable widgets.”

Now that Wisconsin’s Act 10 is in place, an increasing number of Wisconsin school districts see the value in compensating teachers with higher pay if they have hard-to-find skills and talents.

Isn’t that who we want teaching our kids? The best and brightest? Isn’t that what should happen at all levels of our education system? Leah Vukmir will take those ideals to work at the national level.

Yes, Act 10 forces school boards to re-examine their budgets. Yes, some teachers don’t get raises. Yes, teachers now have to act like private-sector people and excel to get the bennies. Now districts vie to pay competitive salaries to attract and retain teachers licensed in high-demand fields like technology.

New compensation plans also look at teachers’ evaluations or leadership qualities not just additional certifications and education.

Repeal Act 10? Only if you want to go back to the days when all teachers were face-less, subservient minions of the union rather than superior educators of our children.

Vote Leah Vukmir Nov. 6 to keep the progress going.

Debra L. Stein


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