Design Engineer Meghan Ziegler discusses the history of RenewAire, during an Oct. 4 open house. The event took place on National Manufacturing Day.

RenewAire held an open house in Waunakee last week in celebration of Manufacturing Month. The company’s engineers discussed indoor air quality and led visitors on tours of the facility.

Design Engineer Meghan Ziegler talked about the importance of indoor ventilation.

“Ventilation is providing for acceptable indoor air quality via the simultaneous exhaust of stale air and supply of fresh outdoor air,” Ziegler said. “And it’s regulated by building-code standards. Both residential and commercial buildings have (ventilation requirements).”

Having worked for the company the last two and a half years, Ziegler said indoor air quality is something RenewAire takes seriously. She pointed to the dangers of it being below standard.

“Poor indoor air quality has a tremendous impact on health,” Ziegler said. “Poor indoor air quality leads to more medical visits, and less productivity. There are all kinds of studies proving why better-ventilated spaces are better for the economy, and for people in general.”

For that reason, RenewAire recently moved into a new facility in Waunakee.

The 111,000-square-foot building has adopted a ventilation strategy of 100 percent outdoor air without recirculation. It has also received a Gold LEED certification for energy efficiency.

Since moving into the facility in 2017, RenewAire has held an open house each fall.

“We’ll talk a little bit about RenewAire’s history and some of the highlights,” Ziegler said. “We’ll talk about what ventilation is, and why you need it. And then we’ll move into energy recovery, and why that benefits you.”

The events have coincided with National Manufacturing Day, which has been observed annually since 2014 – when then-president Barack Obama proclaimed it the first Friday in October.

“Our parents and grandparents built a robust manufacturing sector,” Obama stated. “On National Manufacturing Day, we celebrate all those who proudly stand behind our goods and services made in America, and we renew our commitment to winning the race for the jobs of tomorrow.”

The Oct. 4 event also coincided with a statewide observance of Manufacturing Month, proclaimed by Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers.

“October has Halloween and all sorts of other things,” Evers said. “But in Wisconsin, it’s also Manufacturing Month. I encourage people from across the state, members of the community and the business community, and school districts to think how you can recognize manufacturing.”

RenewAire said it will be accepting applications from those interested in the industry.

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