Ferraro Real Estate Team

Jo Ferraro (right) and one of her real-estate agents, Jonathan Horsfall (left), stand in front of their new office on Waunakee’s Main Street.

Ferraro Real Estate Team has opened a new office in Waunakee, where its agents have been selling property since the early 2000s.

The team moved into its new home, on Main Street, last month.

“We’re super excited to be here,” said owner Jo Ferraro. “We’re really familiar with Waunakee, and we wanted to have some type of presence – to grow here, to give back and just to give people more options.”

The broker said opening an office in the village only made sense, considering the amount of business her company does in and around the Waunakee area.

“I’ve worked a lot here in Waunakee,” Ferraro said, “for Southbridge and Savannah condo developments. I’ve sold several houses up here. And (one of our agents) grew up here, so he’s very familiar with Waunakee.”

Ferraro recently opened doors in McFarland, less than 30 minutes away from the new location.

However, the team wished to build a closer relationship with the Waunakee community it serves on such a regular basis, said Ferraro Realtor Jonathan Horsfall.

“We’re trying to form a partnership and keep with the builders here in Waunakee,” Horsfall said, “because we know it’s got one of the best reputations around. That’s why we wanted to stay local.”

The building they have moved into was once a barbershop, owned by Bernie Cleary.

Having grown up in the village, Horsfall said he remembers riding his bike to the barbershop so that he could get his own hair cut by Cleary as a kid.

“There would be five guys sitting along one wall and two guys sitting along the other wall,” Horsfall said. “And I used to go sit in the corner and listen to stories for an hour and a half, because I wanted to hear the old farmers talk about putting their crops in the field and all that.”

Now in his 40s, the Waunakee native said he remembers the experience like it was yesterday.

“Bernie would treat me like his son,” Horsfall said. “And I’ll never forget that, because Bernie really cared. He used to go and volunteer at the nursing home. He’d just volunteer his time, cut 10 haircuts, leave and come back down here…So to be in this building is huge.”

As the building’s new occupants, the Realtors said they plan to respect the legacy Cleary left behind while making a name for themselves in the community.

“We just want to provide additional options for people in the area,” Ferraro said. “I always encourage clients to interview a couple of people, and see who’s going to be a good fit for you based on your goals and what they bring to the table. And that’s what we want to do.”

A grand opening has been tentatively scheduled for July 11.

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