The Town of Westport has selected a general contractor to construct the County Hwy. M trail, which will run from Woodland to North Shore Bay Drive.

Janke General Contractors submitted the winning bid at $1.1 million – the lowest of four bids.

Town administrator Tom Wilson said that, in addition to its low bid submission, the company was chosen because of a proven track record with trail construction throughout the county.

“Janke is pretty well-known for doing these types of projects,” Wilson said. “They’ve done a number of projects in the county, and exactly this kind of trail project… They’re one of the county’s highly-recommended (contractors).”

Wilson said the contract will be awarded as soon as state and county funding is secured.

“I’m not signing it until I get the funding agreements tied up,” Wilson said. “The only issue is (the county has) a provision that says that, if the county board doesn’t fund the project, then the agreement is null and void. But we’ll be stuck with the contract. So I asked them to take that out.”

Dane County supervisor Dave Ripp said, seeing that the county had already budgeted $1.4 million for the project, he didn’t foresee funding as being an issue.

“It’s in the budget,” Ripp said. “So I assume that Thursday night, the borrowing will be done.”

Project Engineer Kent Straus said construction of the trail would begin once materials have been received, which should be sometime in February or March.

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