The Waunakee school board has approved the renovations proposed for Warrior Soccer Stadium, including the installation of a synthetic-turf field. Ground could be broken as early as mid-June.

Parisi Construction has been awarded a contract for general site work in the amount of $783,583.

Additional contracts – including $331,752 for the AstroTurf surface and $76,465 in soft costs – were approved as well, bringing the total cost of field installation to roughly $1.26 million.

“As we’ve seen in the report,” vice president Dave Boetcher said, “the soccer field has got severe issues. So we have to do something… Basically it’s just up to the board to determine what, if any, will be our contribution to the project.”

Members discussed that contribution at Monday night’s school-board meeting, where discussion revolved around the portions of the project for which the district should be responsible.

Boetcher reminded board members of their approach to the Warrior Football Stadium project.

“For those of you who weren’t on the board when we did Warrior Stadium,” Boetcher said, “we determined that we would bear the cost of a natural-turf replacement. And if the booster club wanted to go to an artificial turf, they would have to bear that delta difference between the two.”

The district ended up contributing $800,000 to renovations at the football stadium.

Taking a similar approach, the district released the soccer project to bid to help board members determine the cost of natural-turf replacement versus the cost of installing a synthetic turf.

Costs for natural-turf replacement totaled approximately $641,000.

“So specifically we’re looking at the district’s contribution based off the natural turf,” superintendent Randy Guttenberg explained, “to come up with a dollar amount that can be solidified so that the fundraising group knows exactly what they’re working with.”

Board members ultimately agreed to a district contribution of $641,000 based on the projected cost for natural-turf replacement. The fundraising group would need to contribute the rest.

Contracts for alternate options were also approved, including one for a team center.

The board specified that the turf would need be funded prior to the fundraising group considering any of the alternate options, which could then move forward once appropriate funds are raised.

Guttenberg said the district is shooting for a mid-August completion date.

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