NORD expansion

A digital rendering shows what NORD’s newest expansion will look like.

NORD Gear Corporation has broken ground on the latest expansion of its national headquarters in Waunakee, where the company manufactures many of its industrial products.

It would mark the sixth time NORD has expanded operations at the facility.

U.S. Marketing Manager Tom McLaughlin said adding onto the plant will bring several benefits, including the ability to perform tasks which have been taking place overseas.

“One advantage is that we’ll be able to do manufacturing in the United States of certain products that are currently being manufactured in Europe,” McLaughlin said. “It’s a superior production strategy to bring that in-house, to the United States, versus importing it.”

With added manufacturing space, he said, larger products could now be assembled domestically.

“We’re expanding our product production for our industrial gear unit line,” McLaughlin said. “We actually need to expand the height of our building, as well as build out the back end for additional product line to be produced there.”

McLaughlin said the project also involves addition of second-floor office space to the building, which will take place at the same time as the work being done to the assembly floor.

A press release issued by the company reported a total expansion of 86,000 sq. ft.

“This will help NORD increase the company’s capacity and ensure a continued short lead time delivery,” the press release stated. “The company currently delivers 22 percent of customer orders same day or next.”

NORD’s head of marketing said it has yet to be determined if any jobs will be immediately added to the current, 325-member workforce in Waunakee.

However, the company has forecasted approximately 100 new positions over the next decade.

McLaughlin said construction on the building should be completed by April 2020, with the expanded area entering full operation by the end of the year.

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