The Early Files were changed in 1979 to a new format which occasionally reprinted entire news articles as they appeared many years ago.


August 16, 1934

Legion is planning big celebration – Special meeting after meeting is being held at the William H. Lansing American Legion Post No. 360, Waunakee.

Committees have been formed and are already working feverishly, neglecting all else, losing sleep for you, the people of Waunakee and vicinity, getting their first annual American Legion Days Picnic in readiness. The day will be formally opened with “The Legion on Parade,” a thrilling and gorgeous event, the parade of a lifetime, after which there will be a day of continual recreation and supreme fun for all.

Bands, baseball, soldiers in review, American Legion Auxiliary drill, bird shoot, tug-of-war, contests of all kinds, games of skill and a chance to satisfy your thirst and hunger.

And the Grand Finale – the most spectacular array of fireworks ever witnessed in this community. Oh boy! What a day it is going to be.

Some of the committee members include Ray Hohlstein, Gilbert Herr, Dr. O.A. Otteson, Walter Hohlstein, John Schunk, Sam Blake, A.R. Burr, J.F. Prohaska, M.J. Corcoran, Al Kreul, Pat Welsh, John Ripp, William Fleiner, Pete Brausen, Jonas Reis, Henry Feiler and Sophus Nordness.

Other items from the Aug. 16, 1934 Waunakee Tribune:

The John Ripp Tavern is featuring a 15-cent plate lunch.

John Michels is a candidate for Dane County Coroner. Boosting his candidacy, the Tribune editor asks: Oh Lord, how long has it been since Waunakee has had a county officer? Did it ever have one? And when, if you please, was a county officer drawn from any of the townships surrounding Waunakee? We pay our taxes and we pay 100 percent. But when it comes to overseeing the spending of these tax monies, we must take a back seat and allow the money to be handled by county officers from taxation districts that pay much less than 100 percent of the tax.


August 16, 1979

After months of study and deliberation, the Waunakee School Board has unanimously selected a school expansion program to present to district voters.

The 1970s have brought more rapid growth to Waunakee than any other decade in the past 100 years, according to the preliminary population estimates released by the state last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Tedd Cash, Waunakee, welcomed a son to their family. He was born at Madison General Hospital on Aug. 6, 1979.

In recognition of his courage in rescuing two small girls from a Waunakee house fire in December, Frank Andrae, Madison, recently won American Family Insurance Company’s Heroism Award along with a check.


August 17, 1989

The Waunakee School Board approved the hiring of three key administrators at its meeting Monday night. The board officially hired Chuck Pursell as director of instruction, Doug Rykal as assistant elementary principal, and Mary Jane Best-Louther as local vocational education coordinator.

Some school children might be disappointed to learn that, contrary to rumor, the first day of school will be on time – Aug. 28. Some said that the heating project and swimming pool refurbishment would delay the opening of school by as much as a month.

This week’s Tribune Profile features Etta Kuehn, who finds working at the Waunakee Manor rewarding.

John Smithback, a 1989 graduate of Waunakee High School, reported for football camp on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls on Sunday, Aug. 13.


August 12, 1999

The Waunakee school board voted Monday to approve a deal with the Middle School’s architectural firm and builder to solve the water problems there.

The Wisconsin Department of Administration has announced its latest population estimates for Dane County municipalities and – stop the presses – Waunakee is growing. The village’s growth rate is third highest in the county.

A study on wells done in this area indicates that 40 percent of the wells contain nitrate levels that experts say are harmful for babies and pregnant women to drink.

The Westport Town Board accepted a bid from Speedway Sand and Gravel to grade the site at its town center for soccer fields.


August 6, 2009

A Main Street residence that is eligible for the national register of historic homes has engineers rethinking their plans for the 2013 Main Street project.

After tabling the matter at its last meeting, the Westport town board denied Kay Beck’s claim for tax relief at Monday’s meeting. At the last meeting, Supervisor Ken Sipsma, acting as chair, pushed to delay any action on the matter until the full board could be in attendance.

The Waunakee Senior Center will host the Kat Trio at 7 p.m. Aug. 12. This unique classical ensemble known as the Ekaterinburg Classical Trio, aka the Kat Trio, was born in the summer of 1998 in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Leo A. Endres of American Legion Post 360 in Waunakee was elected Department Commander of the Wisconsin American Legion at the 91st annual Department Convention held in Milwaukee July 31. Endres earned the privilege to join The American Legion through his service in the U.S. Navy from 1961-1964 as a Vietnam era veteran.

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