Alonte Kingcade

Alonte T. Kingcade

A teenager from Waunakee has been taken into custody after operating a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent. The arrest took place near Madison’s West Towne Mall yesterday evening.

Alonte Kingcade, 17, was arrested for bail jumping and warrants for previous crimes as well.

According to an incident report released by the Madison Police Department, the Waunakee teen was apprehended after fleeing a stolen 2017 Toyota RAV4 containing a firearm which had also been stolen.

“Alonte T. Kingcade, age 17, Waunakee, fled from the stolen car which was found parked in the 500 block of Grand Canyon Blvd. He was chased down by the MPD,” the report stated. “An officer suffered a minor injury in the foot pursuit.”

Madison Police Public information officer Joel Despain said the officer’s injury was not life-threatening.

“I believe he ran into something while he was chasing the young man,” Despain said. “But it wasn’t a serious injury.”

The department’s spokesman said Kingcade has been the subject of numerous investigations.

“There are a number of local law enforcement agencies where he’s been on their radar,” Despain said. “He’s been on our radar for some time and has been known, in the past, to steal and drive stolen cars. So he’s somebody that we’ve been looking at.”

Also arrested in the incident was 17-year-old Damariyah M. Muhammad, of Fitchburg, who was apprehended inside of the stolen vehicle.

Despain described it as the latest in a series of car thefts.

“They’re young people who were stealing cars and joyriding in them,” Despain said, “and then going out and stealing other cars while they were still in one stolen car. And sometimes they were committing burglaries.”

Although the suspects are now in custody, Despain said safety measures remain important as ever.

“You have to take a lot more precautions than in days gone by,” Despain said. “Lock all your doors. Make sure you don’t leave your keys in the car, don’t leave your fob in the car, and don’t leave your keys hanging in the kitchen.”

Kingcade’s initial court appearance has yet to be scheduled.

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