Sandra Ramsfield

Sandra Ramsfield and her family moved to Waunakee in 2018 after she had been working in the community.

Sandra Ramsfield is proud to be a team player (and Badger fan). Sandra and her two brothers were adopted by their mom and dad. She was a 2 1/2-year-old in an orphanage in Colombia. A boy in the same orphanage was being adopted.

Ramsfield related how she joined her first team.

“When my mom went to pick him up, I apparently walked into the meeting room. My parents asked, ‘Is she available?’ So it was kind of one of those, ‘Who picked who?’”

Ramfield was an active youngster. She played soccer through her school years and was on varsity POMS at Madison Memorial. She continued, “Since I was young I danced. All through school, it was five or six days a week. The biggest part for me was always being part of a team and being able to support others. I wasn’t always the one who was in front, but that didn’t matter to me.”

She roots fervently for the Badgers. While attending UW-Madison, she began regularly attending basketball and football games with her step-dad. It’s a bond the two share to this day. And her knowledge about and affinity for sports came in handy when she started dating her future husband in 2010.

Ramsfield explained that she and her husband, Sam, complement each other. She is the more outgoing of the two.

“Where ever we go, I’ll end up talking to almost everybody,” she said.

But the two found they had a sports connection. He’s from a family of big sports fans. Their first date was at Vitense Golfland. Ramsfield remembered, “Sam realized I wasn’t the typical girly-girl.”

The couple discovered, “We like the same things and have the same ambitions regarding family.” They married in 2013 and live in Waunakee’s Centennial Park neighborhood with their two “happy little girls,” 5-year old Lilian and 2 1/2-year-old Mackenzie.

“Our most enjoyable time is being with our kids,” according to Ramsfield. The family’s favorite summer getaway is to Sam’s family’s cabin near Houghton on the Upper Peninsula.

In 2019, Ramsfield joined a new team when she was named Assistant Vice President – Retail Banking Manager at Waunakee Community Bank. When asked the most important facet of her job, Ramsfield naturally replied, “My team. There’s not a day goes by when we don’t laugh.”

She reasoned, “I’ve gotten to where I am because of the help of other people who have supported me. My big thing is making sure that I do that for others.”

For Ramsfield, service and teamwork are two sides of the same coin.

Although the youngest child, she tended to look after her two brothers.

“I realized I wanted to go into a caring career. Whether it was for other children who were adopted or just troubled. I was always that caring mother type, even at a young age.” While in college, she went on to volunteer at a group home and with Big Brothers.

According to Ramsfield, her banking career began as a summer job during college “and I never really left.”

She started at Home Savings Bank in Madison and would later work for Park Bank. Teller responsibilities grew over time to more the customer-oriented aspects of the financial services industry. She credited a mentor at Park Bank, saying, “He really taught me what banking was about. He made me realize that I was still doing what I wanted to do, which was help people.”

Her career experience broadened into operations when she was hired at US Bank in Waunakee.

“I got to teach and train and coach. I loved that part of it,” she explained excitedly. She served for a time at their Hilldale branch before taking over her current position with Waunakee Community Bank last year.

Ramsfield became a Waunakee Lioness long before becoming a Waunakee resident. She was working for the US Bank’s Waunakee branch when she found, “It was a perfect match. I’ve kind of always been that person. I always wanted to be part of an organization. The Lioness Club does that. They give back to the community.”

First, Ramsfield came to Waunakee work. The she joined the local Lioness. Her family moved here in 2018. Now, she’s also back working in her adopted hometown. She described what Waunakee has come to mean.

“I love the community. There’s always something to do, whether you’re kids or adults.” She said that she now appreciates those many activities from the perspectives of a resident, a mom and a member of the business community.

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