Jen Rudis

Until very recently, Jen Rudis spent her life in the north woods of Rhinelander, Wis. Her early interests were in real estate and interior design and she earned her real estate license.

At the time, Rudis didn’t picture herself living anywhere other than “up north,” and the market was not a solid one for making a living. Instead, she then attended and graduated with an associate degree in business from Nicolet Technical College.

Halfway through her studies, she was hired by the Coca Cola Bottling Company in Rhinelander. Working full-time, Rudis finished her degree through a program for working adults. For 14 years, Rudis worked in various positions in finance including payroll, human resources, accounting and internal controls.

“I wore many hats working for a small town distribution company,” Rudis said.

Rudis struggled with personal health issues and was overweight her entire life. She was diagnosed with an over active thyroid. Not wanting to be on medication for the rest of her life, Rudis began the search for a more holistic approach and came across a natural practitioner experienced in NRT, nutrition response testing.

Through NRT, the body’s nutritional status is analyzed and health imbalances are restored through coordinating supplements and dietary changes. Rudis was able to correct her thyroid problem by eliminating sugar and processed foods. In the process, she lost 125 pounds in a year’s time.

“It was difficult at first. You don’t just flip a switch and it happens overnight. It’s not fun or popular in the land of beer and cheese curds,” Rudis said.

It took education and time to overcome her penchant for sweets and baking and create a more sound diet.

The changes also included incorporating new activities into her life such as Pilates, martial arts and kickboxing.

“As you take the weight off, you feel more comfortable trying new activities. Yoga is always a staple. It doesn’t just sculpt the body, but the mind,” Rudis said.

It was also a process of educating herself in the body-mind connection, eliminating stressors and looking at her quality of life. People started noticing the weight loss and her newfound attitude. She began helping at the wellness center in Rhinelander where Rudis began her health quest. Rudis started working with friends and family and referring others to the center.

“I became the walking billboard for the clinic,” Rudis said.

She found herself waiting for the end of her work day to be with people in this new capacity and daydreaming about sharing her knowledge.

“I loved my job at Coca Cola, but I started to love helping people become healthy and finding their vitality more,” Rudis said.

In July of 2014 Rudis became certified as a holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition out of New York. Her new dream had become a reality and passion and soon to be a business career.

Having traveled to California on various trips for health seminars, Rudis could now picture her leaving the northwoods and had plans to move to San Diego.

But in 2013, Rudis met her future fiancé, Mark Heller, from Fitchburg, at Park Falls while he was on vacation. He convinced her to stay in Wisconsin, and the couple dated long distance for six months. Rudis moved to Madison and took six months off to finish school, get to know the area, and craft a business plan.

Rudis opened Jenerate Wellness in November 2014. Her mission is “to educate and empower others in nutrition, vibrant healthy lifestyles and to share the power of safe, natural healing.”

Whether for weight loss and management, healing, detoxification, or eating nutritiously and organically, Jenerate Wellness offers a wide variety of options to live a cleaner, healthier life style with natural, homeopathic products.

Rudis can meet with clients one-on-one as a health coach, which can help support the overwhelming thought of “where do I start?” and encourage and guide through the right path for each person.

“No one size fits all, and it’s not a quick fix. I can help tailor a plan to meet individual goals,” Rudis said. Although, according to Rudis, the No. 1 start for anyone trying to obtain healthy living is removing sugar from their diet.

One can purchase from an assortment of teas by the cup or by the tin at the self-serve tea bar. Chocolate is usually something to avoid when getting healthy, but Rudis carries a variety of brands of natural, sugar-free and raw chocolates.

“The key is no sugar,” Rudis said.

Essential oils and supplements are available from Rudis and are gentler, safer options for some ailments.

Jenerate Wellness offers two Infrared Sauna Therapy rooms. An infrared sauna causes the body’s core temperature to rise and gives the same results as conventional sauna but without the high heat.

The deep inner warmth may help with high blood pressure and chronic pain, relaxation, improved immune system, cell health, many forms of skin conditions and detoxification.

Sweating is the body’s way of ridding itself of toxins. Studies have found that the amount of toxins eliminated through sweat using infrared is at a much higher percentage than a traditional sauna.

Through the foods we eat, the air we breathe, and the products we touch, our bodies are bombarded with toxins every day. A detoxification regime can be a vital component of any pursuit of health, according to Rudis. It is an excellent aid to weight loss due to infrared increases caloric burn during each 40 minute session. The first session of infrared sauna is always free at Jenerate Wellness.

Besides helping her clients, Rudis is a great resource to family and friends. She and her fiancé enjoy boating and love being on the water and vacationing in sunny places. Biking and running are her mode of keeping in shape.

Rudis continues to pursue educational opportunities as they present themselves in order to share the best information and knowledge to those seeking their own rejuvenated health and wellness.

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