Karli Pagluighi

Karli Pagliughi, shown at the deck of the Lamphouse Apartments overlooking Main Street, lived in seven states before moving to Wisconsin.

This is a time of new beginnings for Karli Pagliughi. In January 2019, she began a new position as property manager for Hovde Properties. Hovde is a real estate management company that owns Village Crossing (home of Lone Girls Brewing Co.) and the new Lamphouse Apartments across Main Street. Pagliughi (pronounced “pa-loo-gee”) manages those apartments.

Her other new beginning is more personal. She and her husband Alex are expecting their first child in July.

“I know things will change a lot when I’m a mom,” Pagliughi said. “There are so many things to do, but I’m really excited for this new phase in my life.” She plans to continue her work at the Lamphouse Apartments.

“We have 103 units, including 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments and 28 different floor plans,” Pagliughi said. “Apartments range from 500 to 1700 square feet and are attracting people of all ages.”

The first half of the building opened in October 2019, and the whole building is now available. Over 50 percent of apartments are occupied.

Pagliughi enjoyed being involved with construction of the building and helping new residents pick out apartments. She now spends most of her time in marketing and resident communication.

The Lamphouse name, she said, supports the “main street look” of the building, including the signature gas lamp lighting fixtures.

Prior to coming to Wisconsin, Pagliughi lived in seven states. She was born in New Jersey, lived in Maryland a short time, spent much of her childhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, then moved to Buffalo, New York. She met her husband while attending the State University of New York at Oswego. He joined the military and was stationed in New York, Oklahoma, and Kansas. They moved to Wisconsin in late 2018 when Alex took a job as a project manager for ZOLL Medical in Deerfield. They live on the east side of Madison – between their jobs.

She started her career in New York, working in low income housing. When in Kansas she managed three buildings for low-income seniors, which sometimes was hard.

“It’s hard to watch people go through tough times,” she said.

One of those times was when a flash flood washed through two of the buildings.

“We had 9 inches of rain in one night,” she said. “There was a creek nearby, and it was crazy how quickly a foot of water rushed into the lower levels. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Eighty people were affected, including some in wheelchairs and some requiring oxygen. We had to find other housing for them, and some lived there for six months. I really learned how important it is to remain calm when others are depending on you.”

Another learning experience was when a resident’s relatives drove from Texas to Kansas to drop off their mother at her new apartment. They left and never came back, leaving Pagliughi and others to help the woman, who had dementia and needed lots of assistance.

After that experience with nonprofit community service, Pagliughi jumped at the chance when the Lamphouse job opened up.

“I love Waunakee and have become involved in Rotary, the Chamber of Commerce and other community activities,” she said.

Growing up on the East Coast, she never expected to be in the Midwest. Weather is not an issue, she said, noting, “I have lived in all weather conditions.”

Her parents continue to live in Buffalo, and she has a brother in medical school at the University of Buffalo. When asked about role models, she immediately thought of her mother.

“She was kind, involved in the community and has helped me make some tough decisions,” she said.

What would people be surprised to learn about Pagliughi? Perhaps that she is certified in scuba diving — not something one would expect in Wisconsin. When she and her husband were on their honeymoon in Jamaica, they tried scuba diving, loved it, and got certified. They continue to enjoy vacations in locations where they can dive.

She and her husband spend their free Wisconsin time outdoors: biking, hiking, kayaking, and power boarding. Walks include their two “international” dogs: Nala, a Shiba Inu (Japanese breed), and Louie, a German shorthaired pointer.

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