Sydney Lincoln from Waunakee has been named to the Dean’s Honor Roll for the Fall 2019 semester at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Michigan.

A number of students from Waunakee were named to the fall semester Dean’s List at UW-LaCrosse. They include Taylor Alsaker, Bailey Burgard, Kennedy Bussan, Sydney Dorn, Maria Dresen, Leah Fricke, Megan Frueh, Emily Holden, Gretchen Hoppe, Cameron Lewis, Megan Lindley, Emily Luhtala, Hannah McLaughlin, Faith Nerat, Kira Nerat, Ben Nordloh, Courtney Pagnucci, Lydia Park, Kira Pauls, Emilie Potocki, Samantha Rod, Allison Ronk, Danielle Semler, Samantha Statz, Abby Stellmacher, Ethan Thompson, Brandon Treadwell, Jen Turski, Kallie Ziegler and Evan Zwettler.

Alana Pauls, a student from Waunakee at Iowa State University, was named to the fall 2019 semester Dean’s List.

Madeline Hougaard of Waunakee, a freshman, has been named to the Wisconsin Lutheran College Dean’s List for the fall 2019 semester.

A number of Waunakee area students were named to the Dean’s List at UW-Eau Claire. They include Ryan Badger, Adam Barberino, Rebecca Braun, Hailey Christianson, Alexis Cords, Megan Ejzak, Mikayla Ewert, Alissa Gundrum, Collin Klug, Amanda Koenig, Jordanna Midthun, Grace Odegaard, Alan Olkowski, Alysha Statz, Ashley Teasdale, Marina Von Rutenberg and Milena Wiesman.

Hanna Grumke of Waunakee was named to the Dean’s List at Northland College in Ashland.

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