Quick and Painless

Quick and Painless is made up of (from left to right) drummer Max Beardsley, keyboardist Ryan Badger, bass player Emma Deppen and lead singer/lead guitarist Everett Karlen.

The band Quick and Painless earned recognition at the 2019 Madison Area Music Association (MAMA) Awards this Sunday, following its recent success on stage and in the studio.

The group, including two young Waunakee musicians, took home six awards recognizing band members and their hard work.

Honors included Best Youth Band Ensemble, Best Youth Album, Best Youth Bassist, Best Youth Drummer, Best Youth Keyboardist and an award for being a 2019 Rockonsin finalist.

“We’ve really come together,” said keyboardist Ryan Badger. “It’s been a bit of a collaborative project. Someone will bring in an idea and then the other three members will build off of that, and that’s how we get our music.”

Badger and fellow Waunakee band member Emma Deppen recently graduated from Waunakee High School with the class of 2019.

The four-member band released its first full-length, studio album Pragmatic earlier this month. It has come on the heels of last year’s Rockonsin victory, which made the album a possibility.

“We couldn’t have recorded it if we hadn’t won the competition,” Badger said.

The prize included 12 hours of recording time at Blast House Studios in Madison, in addition to a professional-grade Shure microphone system.

“It’s opened so many doors for us,” Badger said. “We’ve gotten offers to perform certain places just because of the competition last year. And we’ve made a lot of new friends who perform with us at shows now.”

The keyboardist said his group has also noticed a change in fan base over the past 12 months.

“It’s definitely been growing,” Badger said. “At the album-release party, when we looked up from setting up our instruments, the room was packed. We were all a little shocked by that, like, how could there be this many people that want to hear us? And that was an incredible feeling.”

The band has been scheduled to perform at Summerfest again during the 2019 Rockonsin finals, which will take place June 27-28 on the Johnson Controls World Sound Stage.

Badger said their return to the venue is a dream come true.

“It’s unreal,” Badger said. “(Summerfest) is such a huge music festival, and it’s known around the world…So it’s mind-blowing that we’ve gotten the opportunity to play this awesome show twice now.”

With three other bands from last year’s competition returning to the stage, he said it should make for an exciting event.

“I honestly don’t know how we’re going to do,” Badger said. “There are a lot bands who’ll be bringing some great competition. A lot of them were good last year, and I know they’ve stepped up their game. But so have we.”

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