The Waunakee Plan Commission recommended approval of a General Development Plan for the Arboretum Village subdivision but emphasized that architectural standards and operations of the development should be under the authority of a homeowner’s association, rather than the village. Commissioners recommended only the zoning for the subdivision’s uses be included in the General Development Plan.

Don Tierney has proposed developing the site at Quinn Drive and Hogan Road into 102 detached single-family residential lots, seven condominium lots with two dwellings per lot and a multi-family residential lot referred to as Lot 61.

Plan commissioners recommended delaying approval of that multi-family lot until the village begins the next steps recommended by its recent housing task force study.

Currently, about 120 units are available for rezone into the multi-family designation, said Kevin Even, village engineer, and more are applying.

“Hundreds more want to be multi-family than what’s allowed by our ordinance,” Even said. The ordinance defines multi-family dwellings as three units or more.

The site includes a grave marker for the Montonton family, some of the first Town of Westport settlers. The maintenance of that grave site will be the homeowners association’s responsibility.

The General Development Plan also includes a “Notice of Business Park Use” indicating that permitted use in the business park include “noise, vibrations, odors, night operations, outdoor storage and other activities that may be objectionable to neighboring residents.” It states that “the village and business park is under no obligation to further regulate uses that are otherwise consistent with village ordinances.”

While commissioners recommended removing this notice from the General Development Plan and including it in the homeowners association’s covenants, they said some notice should be provided to homebuyers.

The plan commission recommended approval of the Site Implementation Plan and Final Plat subject to changes made by the village’s attorney and engineer to remove the architectural standards from the General Development Plan, along with the zoning for Lot 61 where the multi-family uses are included.

Waunakee Village President and Plan Commission Chair Chris Zellner abstained from all of the plan commission’s votes. Zellner last week began a new position as vice president, relationship development officer with Waunakee Community Bank.

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