Jenerate Wellness

A new addition to Main Street now helps clients with weight loss and offers a place to grab a cup of tea.

Jen Rudis moved her business, Jenerate Wellness, to the 313 E. Main St. location in January where, in addition to the infrared saunas and coaching, a tea bar is available.

The self-serve location offers a large choice of Republic of Teas varieties, including herbal, green, black and the much acclaimed matcha. Many have medicinal and health benefits, Rudis said. For instance, turmeric ginger tea is popular for reducing inflammation.

Another type, Get Burning, is known for increasing metabolism to aid weight loss.

Rudis said she began drinking tea many years ago when she was working to lose weight.

“Evening snacking was one of my biggest hurdles,” she said, adding that she could eat sensibly throughout the day then “kill it with a bowl of ice cream or popcorn.”

Her weight loss coach at the time said she needed to find a replacement for those high-calorie snacks, so Rudis turned to tea.

“It became a staple in my life,” Rudis said, noting that it provides a healthy alternative to coffee, soda and sugary beverages.

Three different components make up Rudis’ business.

She offers one-on-one and group holistic health coaching and sells her coaching programs online,

Two infrared saunas are available, one large enough for one person to do a hot yoga routine or bring a friend along.

Many clients buy memberships just for the sauna; others who are following weight loss programs check in weekly with Rudis, as well.

“It helps people stay accountable,” she said.

The saunas can benefit the body in a number of ways. The infrared rays are recognized by the body as heat, and penetrate into the skin and muscles, helping to detoxify the body. The heat also helps with weight loss and can relieve joint and muscle pain.

Light therapy is also included and can help with depression or Season Affective Disorder Syndrome (SADS).

“That’s popular in the winter when we’re not getting the vitamin D,” Rudis said. “Some just want to feel warm to the core.”

The first sauna session is free and monthly memberships packages are available.

The retail component of Jenerate Wellness includes the tea, sugar-free chocolates and nutritional supplements and healthy snacks.

So far, Rudis seems pleased with the move, saying she’s happy to be on Main Street.

Rudis encourages those interested in the sauna or coaching programs to visit the website, Or just stop in at the self-serve tea bar where tea is available by the cup or by the tin.

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