A new restaurant may be in the cards for Waunakee.

The village’s plan commission Monday approved a site plan for a multi-tenant building in the Woodland Crest subdivision, across Sarah Lane from the anticipated HyVee grocery store at Simon Crestway and Woodland Drive. The approval came with a number of conditions related to parking, the percentage of impervious area for the development and easements being met.

Jeff Kraemer from Kraemer Development LLC described the first phase of the lot. It would be a 15,000-square-foot, single-story building at Hwy. Q and a new road, Sarah Lane, designed for up to nine tenants, with each of the spaces between 1,000 to 5,000 square feet.

“We’re identifying folks, working with folks – restaurants, service-oriented retail – those type of things,” Kraemer said.

The developer would also construct the majority of the site improvements with the first building, including more parking than is required for phase one, along with the entrances off of Sarah Lane and Simon Crestway to create through-circulation.

As the developer identifies tenants for the next buildings on the lot, they would return for approval of those.

The next buildings are anticipated to be 4,000 to 5,000 square feet and house one or two tenants, and the third would be roughly 10,000 square feet.

Kevin Yeska, a civil engineer from JSD Professional Services, said initially, 94 parking stalls would be built with an additional 48 when the other buildings develop for a total of 142 stalls.

The lot would be built with 78 percent of impervious area. The open space plan calls for 70 percent of impervious surface.

“We’ve been working back forth with staff as this is part of the GDP for Woodland Crest and actually looking at the impervious value for Lot 1 which is the HyVee site to the north of our lot. In total, those are only 63 percent impervious,” Yeska said.

The site drains to two separate watersheds, one to the southeast to a regional basin and another to a regional basin at the northwest.

Village Engineer Kevin Even asked whether stormwater would flow to the single-family residences to the south.

Yeska said as detailed on stormwater plans, the water will flow to the southeast of the lots.

Josh Wilcox of GBA showed the elevations. The L-shaped building would include parking in the rear and would be massed in different rooflines. The concept is to create activated storefronts facing HyVee, Yeska said.

Even outlined several staff comments, including setback requirements.

One requirement of the annexation agreement is that the two single-family lots at Hwy. Q and Peaceful Valley Parkway be served with sewer and water and that internal access is provided. The agreement says that the nearby lot cannot be developed until that issue is resolved. Even said when the road is developed near the residences, an easement should be granted to the residences.

Another condition was that when the commercial areas are built out, they meet parking requirements for future phases, including ADA parking.

Other conditions related to placement of the dumpsters and shielding of all rooftop mechanicals.

Much of the discussion centered around the amount of impervious area.

“They are proposing a 78-percent lot coverage,” Even said. “When you look at this holistically as a development, with the HyVee which has a substantial amount of open space, rather than tying them to what their space is, I think it’s 64 percent open space, so as a development, it’s not overly compacted, and I think we’re meeting the goals of the area.”

Planning consultants have said from a use standpoint, with access and circulation, the building types and elevation all fit well together, Even added.

Even asked that if the village engineer determines this to be a minor addition, that the village board would not need to approve an amendment to the general development plan.

Village Attorney Bryan Kleinmaier said the village board may also determine the open space plan for the entire lot is adequate and no amendment is needed.

But, Kleinmaier said, HyVee could possibly come to the village seeking to amend its site plan with less open space.

“If your decision tonight on Lot 2 is potentially negatively going to impact the flexibility on Lot 1 moving forward, I think that’s part of the discussion we need to have, and we would probably need to involve HyVee in that,” Kleinmaier said.

Commissioner Brian Wallace asked if any HyVee had been contacted.

Dan O’Callaghan from the Forward Development Group, the master developer for the project, said Forward Development Group is responsible for ensuring all infrastructure is in place for the entire Woodland Crest project. The general development plan called for a balanced approach to the open space requirement.

“We contemplated that one site…might be a little bit over the standard, but there would be other sites on balance that would have excess of open space,” O’Callaghan said.

O’Callaghan said HyVee has a fully complete development plan and he did not anticipate they would seek any changes to it.

Village President and Plan Commission Chair Chris Zellner also asked about trees and landscaping.

Plantings are included in the islands of the plan, and the buildings have a 30-foot setback from Hwy. Q.

In the end, the commission approved the site plan with the additional conditions that no occupancy be allowed until all sewer and water improvements are complete, additional landscaping is included, and a statement is prepared informing future developers justifying the the additional impervious surface on the lot.

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