The roads are in and the lots delineated in the fifth phase of the Community of Bishops Bay – this one in the Town of Westport.

Developer Terrence Wall and staff hosted an open house June 22, with golf carts transporting prospective buyers to the 86 or so lots within the subdivision’s Farm and Prairie neighborhoods.

Just off of Hwy. M, west of Gov. Nelson State Park, the two neighborhoods are billed as unique and surrounded by the natural landscape.

The Prairie neighborhood on the west side of the new Bishops Bay Parkway “maximizes privacy by providing small hamlets of typically 4- to 6-home lots nestled on private streets with a wealth of adjacent open space such as public parks,” along with accessibility to open spaces, parks and conservancies, according to the brochure provided at the open house.

Pedestrian and bicycle connections adjacent to Hwy. M are part of neighborhood plan to encourage residents to walk or bike to natural areas such as Gov. Nelson State Park, where a tunnel under Hwy. M provides access.

Also nearby are Holy Wisdom Monastery’s trails, the Dorn Creek Conservancy and Pheasant Branch Conservancy in Middleton.

On the east side of Bishops Bay Parkway is the farm where residents are encouraged to make use of private and community gardening plots. Homeowners will also have access to an orchard and the nearby bike path, according to the brochure.

Seven communities encompass the Community of Bishops Bay, with future neighborhoods in the planning. The Watermark along Hwy. Q, northeast of the existing Back Nine, will include multi-family homes and senior housing. Plans for a Town Center, north of Watermark along Hwy. Q, include apartments and attached homes. Reserve Hill is on the south side of Oncken Road west of Hwy. Q. Another, the Woods, will offer just 20 home lots to the east of the Prairie neighborhood.

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