High School Soccer Stadium

Shown is a rendering provided to Waunakee Plan Commissioners of the new soccer stadium.

The Waunakee Plan Commission approved a site plan for the new Waunakee High School soccer stadium redevelopment project, one that includes a team building, field redevelopment and new scoreboard.

Bruce Gerland from the Rettler Corporation, the firm overseeing the project, spoke on behalf of the Waunakee school district and described the project. It would include a new 100-foot long by 16- to 27-foot wide team building on the east side between the existing field and the parking lot.

The existing field would be reconstructed. The plan is to replace the field with a synthetic turf if the bids are feasible. If not, a natural turf would be used.

An entry arch is also planned between the stands and the concessions, along with a masonry donor wall in that area.

The scoreboard would be relocated approximately 50 feet west of the current scoreboard location and replaced.

Minor modifications to the parking lot are also in the plan to improve traffic circulation and pedestrian access to the team building. Three stalls would be removed at the lot’s southwest corner to improve circulation, provide a small drop-off area and provide pedestrian access from the parking lot to the team building. The lot would be restriped to maintain the 40 parking stalls, including two ADA stalls located adjacent to the ADA sidewalk access to the team building.

The commission approved the site plan subject on the condition that all utility and stormwater issues be addressed to the satisfaction of the utility manager and engineer.

Plan commissioners also recommended the school district consider adding parking at some point.

Chris Zellner, plan commissioner and village president, noted that Simon Crestway “gets clogged heavily” when games are underway.

Zellner added that a grocery store is planned across Woodland Drive from the fields, where Hy-Vee is planning to build. Zellner also suggested signage to encourage parking near the football field.

Village Engineer Kevin Even added that the parking lot near the football field is usually empty during soccer games and said village officials could ask the school district to direct traffic there. Even said with the addition of the grocery store, more parking may be needed as parking may have to be restricted along Simon Crestway.

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