Some Tax Incremental Finance dollars may be needed for public improvements at Kilkenny Farms West, but no new TIF district would be created.

At their May 20 meeting, the Waunakee Village Board approved a rezone, General Development Plan and Site Implementation Plan for the commercial development on the west side of Hwy. Q just south of Woodland Drive. The board, however, held off on the developers agreement so they could first weigh a request for TIF dollars for some site improvements there.

Attorney Bryan Kleinmaier told the board a bicycle and pedestrian path identical to the one along the east side of Hwy. Q is part of the Kilkenny West plan. It would have been included as part of the improvements to Hwy. Q done in 2017 had the village had access to the land at the time, Kleinmaier said.

“Now we do have access to the owners of the land,” Kleinmaier said.

Village Administrator Todd Schmidt noted that the board has the ability to extend the original Kilkenny TIF district to fund work up to one-half a mile away.

Village Engineer Kevin Even said the financing mechanism for the public path on Hwy. Q’s west side would be the same used for the east side.

The village board approvals for the Kilkenny Farms West Commercial Center came with several conditions after they heard a description of the lots, stormwater management for the area, traffic considerations and pedestrian access.

The Festival Foods grocery store is planned for Lot 1 of the area, with Lot 2 set aside for mixed use development where multifamily could be included. Lot 3 is envisioned for a convenience store. Pedestrian access is planned throughout the site, as well.

Even told the board that both Waunakee’s plan commission and the Waunakee-Westport Joint Plan Commission had recommended approval of the rezone and General Development Plan.

Some conditions of approval were that Lot 1 be restricted for a grocery store use. Any multifamily housing on Lot 3 would be considered after the village’s housing study is completed and the recommendations are received.

During the public hearing, village board members heard one comment related to stormwater management at the site. Another comment was related to the multifamily housing. Robert McPherson noted that market rate housing is planned for east side of Hwy. Q and inquired about the type of multifamily in Kilkenny West.

A third resident asked if the speed limit would be changed in the area and whether mailboxes would be relocated.

Kleinmaier explained that the decision on multifamily housing would come after the housing study is completed. As for the speed limit, police will provide input.

One condition for approval required a rapid flashing beacon – a lighted pedestrian crossing – to be placed at Woodland Drive and Hwy. Q. In addition, the Fire Department and Police have recommended the name of Holiday Drive be extended through the new road.

While they did not consider the use of TIF funding for the path along Hwy. Q, board members generally appeared in favor it.

“I’ve been consistent since I came on the board on having sidewalks… on both sides of the road. I’m in favor of making sure we get it,” said Village President Chris Zellner.

Trustee Erin Moran agreed, noting, “It increases our accessibility.”

Responding to the comment about multifamily housing, Susan Springman said she didn’t believe a developer could indicate what type of units would be built because the market changes. Tax credits would be needed for workforce or affordable housing, Springman said.

“We’ll have to wait and see,” she added.

After the meeting, Kilkenny Developer Don Tierney told the Tribune that more than $6 million in TIF dollars funded the improvements along Hwy. Q and S. Century Avenue in 2017. Asked about the amount of TIF dollars needed for the new path along Hwy. Q at Kilkenny West, Tierney said that figure would be determined once the project goes to bid.

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