Three men, two from Madison and one with an unknown address, are facing multiple charges of theft, along with nonpayment for gasoline in Waunakee.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Dane County Circuit Court, Andre J. Miller Jr., 19, address unknown, Marquis J. Porter, 22, Madison, and Antjuan L. Weathers Jr., 19, Madison, are accused of using counterfeit $100 bills to pay for deliveries from Milio’s and from Zoe’s Pizzeria on May 5.

According to the criminal complaint, a manager from one of the eateries identified the counterfeit bill which read “IN PROPS WE TRUST” on the back.

The criminal complaint also alleges that the three men drove off without paying for gas from the Mobil gas station that same day.

Waunakee Police identified the suspects through surveillance video at the gas station and social media. Police also interviewed the three suspects.

Miller faces two counts of misdemeanor theft in connection with the counterfeit $100 bills used to pay for the two deliveries and another for nonpayment at the gas station. He also faces a fourth count of felony bail jumping, as a charge of take or drive vehicle without consent against Miller from Feb. 27 is pending.

Porter faces three counts, two of misdemeanor theft and another for nonpayment.

Weathers faces four counts, two of misdemeanor theft, a third for nonpayment at the gas station and a fourth for felony bail jumping. Weathers had charges pending for drive or operate vehicle without consent from May 17, 2018.

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