The Waunakee Community School District has announced the recipients of its First Quarter Staff Recognition. Receiving recognition are Alyssa Appleton, Lyn Instefjord, Janine Jaster and Jeana Scharpf.

Alyssa Appleton is a kindergarten teacher at Heritage Elementary School who is positive, student-centered and creative. She creates an environment where students feel confident and safe to grow, whole working to meet their needs emotionally, academically and socially. As a PBIS tier 2 member Alyssa has been dedicated to help meet the needs of all students.

“Alyssa is a hard worker, always trying to make the best situation for her students and co-workers. She goes above and beyond to help students and staff be successful,” the staff recognition committee said.

Lyn Instefjord is a health assistant at Waunakee Intermediate School who is dedicated, knowledgeable, talented, organized and cheerful, the committee said. Instefjord spent hours making sure teachers knew the health needs of all of their students to make sure school staff were up and running by the first day of school.

“She goes beyond for staff and students alike. Her positive personality makes her the perfect person to help students be more successful,” the staff recognition committee said.

Jeana Jaster is a para educator, special education at Waunakee Intermediate School who demon-strates professional behavior overall and in interacting with and supporting students. Jaster is collaborative with the professionals in the building and maintains privacy and discretion when discussing students and their needs.

“She is a steadfast and dedicated member of our staff and a powerful advocate for her students,” the committee members said.

Jeana Scharpf is a third-grade teacher at Heritage Elementary School who delivers high quality, engaging lessons to all of her students and continually looks for ways to implement new strategies to keep all of her students engaged.

“She’s an organized, dedicated and positive role model and she has been a key player in helping lessen the achievement gap for our students,” the committee said.

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