Four men are facing several charges in Dane County Circuit Court related to vehicle thefts in Waunakee.

Cameron D. Barber-Smith, age 19, of Milwaukee, Alonte T. Kingcade, 18, Waunakee, Damariyah M. Muhammad, 18, and Deshawn Taylor, 18, both of Madison, are all facing charges related to vehicles reported stolen on May 25.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Dane County Circuit Court, a Waunakee Police investigator responded to four residential burglaries at Woodbridge Drive, Bluebird Trail and Franconia Court, along with a stolen automobile at Arboretum Court. Two Mercedes-Benz vehicles were taken from the Franconia Court residence, as well.

One of the stolen Mercedes-Benz vehicles was recovered on May 17 on Sauk Creek Drive, near the intersection of Brule Street, in Madison. According to the criminal complaint, a neighbor reported seeing the other Mercedes-Benz vehicle parked near the recovered vehicle the day before.

A neighboring surveillance camera showed two black males, later verbally identified as Cameron D. Barber-Smith and Deshawn M. Taylor exit the stolen Mercedes-Benz at 2:21 a.m. on May 27 and Walk to Brule Street, according to the criminal complaint. The neighbor told police he had “seen young black males come and go” from a Brule Street residence and believed they were friends with someone who lived there, the complaint states.

Police viewed additional surveillance, one showing a Madison Police Department patrol vehicle behind one of the stolen Mercedez-Benz sedans and another showing Barber-Smith and Taylor running from the driveway and yard of the Brule Street residence.

When Waunakee Police spoke to the Brule Street resident believed to be the defendants’ friend, the investigator was told Cameron Barber-Smith and Deshawn Taylor had come to her house. Taylor, the investigator learned, is also known to be associated with Alonte T. Kingcade.

Investigators followed Facebook correspondences between Kingcade and Taylor, indicating Taylor requested a ride and that police were on the scene, according to the criminal complaint.

The defendants were also identified through surveillance footage at two gas drive-offs at Kwik Trip stores in Sun Prairie and Verona.

The Madison Police Department recovered the other Mercedes-Benz vehicle reported stolen in Waunakee on June 11 at Rockefeller Lane in Madison. A white jacket in the vehicle matched a jacket worn by Barber-Smith in Facebook posts.

Several Facebook posts and correspondences between Barber-Smith, Kingcade and Taylor also link them to the stolen vehicles, according to the criminal complaint.

Barber-Smith faces four felony counts of driving or operating a vehicle without owner’s consent, each with a maximum fine of $10,000 or prison sentence of three years and six months.

Kingcade faces one felony count of harboring or aiding a felon, which carries a maximum fine of $10,000 or sentence of three years, six months. In addition, Kingcade faces two misdemeanor counts of being passenger in a vehicle operated without the owner’s consent which carries a maximum fine of $10,000 or nine month sentence.

Taylor faces one felony count of driving or operating a vehicle without owner’s consent, and one count of being a passenger in a vehicle without owner’s consent.

Damariyah M. Muhammad, faces one count of being a passenger in a vehicle operated without owner’s consent.

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