Honorary Firefighters

The Waunakee Fire Department honored all members with 10 years or more of service on the fire department. Among the honorary firefighters are (front from left) Steve Kessenich (27 years), Ken Diericks (32 years), Paul Endres (38 years), Marv Hellenbranr (30 years), Bud Zander (22 years), Lavern Statz (31 years), Mitch Adler (27 years), John Radermacher (33 years) and Ken Statz (31years). In back are Marty Koppes, (12 years), Pat Smith (13 years), Randy Carpenter (16 years), Gordy Acker (29 years), John Dresen (19 years), Dave Zuhde (11 years), Dan Greiber (28 years), Harvey Winn (20 years), Bryan Hansen (11 years), Gary Acker (40 years) and Gary Epping (20 years). Not pictured are Jim Adler, Mark Bennett, Randy Smith, Sid Adler, Randy Meffert, Joe Gilbertson, Mike “Oscar” Statz, Mike Endres, Lavern Karls, Ron Acker, Bob Schoepp, Joe Meffert, Todd Herbrand, Mark Terpening, Greg Grieber and Dean Tydrich.

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