The monthly Village Corner is column to share the good news of the Village authored by Village staff and officials. This week’s Village Corner is authored by Village Administrator Todd Schmidt.

1. Plow Crew – 13 staff, 17 pieces of equipment, 140 miles of roads, 70 cul-de-sacs, 16.50 miles of paths, 6 miles of alleys, 7 parking lots and 3 miles of sidewalks. How do they do it? And do it so well?!?

2. New Shelter – Hey Meadowbrook Park. You are getting a park shelter and real bathrooms this year. Hurray!

3. Honoring History – As the new library takes shape, so does “History Hall.” This feature of the library will forever pay homage to our past.

4. April 15th (Tax Day) – Over 200 seniors will be helped with tax filing at the Senior Center by AARP Tax Volunteers.

5. Right to Vote – Our Clerk’s Department and election workers wonderfully manage our Village Center polling places. It’s good that we have the right to vote for local and regional offices on April 2nd.

6. YouTube – Missed a Village meeting or listening session? Don’t worry, YouTube is your friend.

7. Flowers – During the winter, Orchids Nursery prepares our beautiful flowers for Main Street. Soon they will bring life and color to the Village.

8. 109 Citizens – This is the number of citizens who volunteer time on our committees, boards, commissions and task forces. Big shout-out to them for their service.

9. Smart Phones – Download the MyWaunakee app to see the various ways you can interact with the Village using your phone.

10. Asphalt – We just bought 7 tons of cold-mix asphalt to fill those pesky potholes (about $115/ton). Use your MyWaunakee app to report a pothole.

11. Business – Seeing new businesses building and existing businesses growing is a good economic indicator for our Village.

12. Tennis Anyone? – By partnering with the School District, we will be able to replace all 9 tennis courts in Ripp Park this spring. Little secret… Waunakee purple will be part of the court colors.

13. Neighbors – I have heard so many stories of kind neighbors helping neighbors with snowblowing driveways and ice chopping sidewalks.

14. Creatives – The creative talent in the Village is absolutely wild! Check out the Art Wall at Village Hall.

15. Electric Rates – Owning our own electric utility provides savings over neighboring investor-owned utilities. Savings can range from $17/month for homes to $6,622/month for industrial customers.

16. Med Drop — 2,247 pounds of unused medications were collected at the Police Department in 3 years. Over a ton! All kept from the wrong hands or harming the environment.

17. Lunch — During the frosty months of January and February, the home delivery drivers delivered 2,521 meals. They’re as reliable as the mail carrier.

18. Bowling – How great to have indoor family friendly places during the cold weather. I’ve been to Waunabowl a few times this winter, and every time I see families having a blast.

19. Spring – It’s around the corner, and the summer recreation newsletter will be out soon.

20. ???? (your good thing) ???? – Please take a moment to send a letter to the Tribune to share your “Good Things” about our Village.

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