The monthly Village Corner is a column to share the good news of the village authored by village staff and officials.

Over the last few years, I’d like to think of myself as an observer, learning from great colleagues and friends who work in all areas of our Village. I have worked in many communities over the last decade from city sizes of 300,000+ to as small as our humble Waunakee. Here’s what I’ve observed and learned from you.

1. You are incredible; not because of what you do, but because of who you are. The old adage of “what we do defines us” does not do justice to the Waunakee Neighborhood Connection (WNC) volunteers who give their time to serve others or our EMS and Fire Volunteers. Your actions are sourced in who you are, not simply what you do. We are lucky to be a community made up of incredible people—it’s unique and I hope you believe it.

2. You are served well. While we could get into the numbers on relatively low taxes and high quality schools and services. What I am talking about are the people that do the work: those whose boots are on the ground plowing the snow, keeping our lights on, approving the permits, and generally affording us all the luxury of a less interfered life. It’s easy to take it for granted and often our barometer for success is “that which goes unnoticed, is successful.” You should know that your public servants thoughtfully and ethically do their job and consider decisions. I would put them up against any professional staff across the state and country.

3. Your Businesses Care. I have had the joy of working with our chamber of commerce and many of the businesses that make up our commercial sector. Something I have never heard from them—not once—is “I can’t” or “I won’t.” Rex’s, State Bank, the Lone Girl, Endres Manufacturing, and many others (I’m sorry I can’t name them all) have stayed open, built, forged, donated, created, funded and focused on developing community just as much as any government or nonprofit could. I hope you continue to support our local businesses—they certainly support us.

4. You are proud of Waunakee. Who could blame you? With organizations like the Waunakee Lions Club, Rotary, WNC, all of our faith based organizations and many others, you have built a community foundation recognizing that there’s a social fabric—a social conscience. It’s sometimes hard to remember that point when we talk about our challenges. I don’t forget it—I consider myself lucky to see that every community has its struggles and that often our real struggle is thinking we’re alone in pursuit of a greater good. We’re not.

When I think of Waunakee, I think of those items I mentioned but what I’ll remember most is how this community made me feel. I will miss this Village and I hope these comments serve as a reason for you to feel proud, cared for, well served, and incredible.

  • Adam Bentley has served as the Assistant Village Administrator for the Village of Waunakee since November of 2016. He will be resigning his position May 31st, following his wife Niki to Cedar Falls, Iowa where she will begin practicing as a pediatrician.

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