Every August, I can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia as summer winds down and daylight hours begin to wane. The big Waunakee festivals – WaunaBoom and WaunaFest – are over, and soon school will begin. On our deck, we hear the cicadas rattling, a constant reminder that fall is around the corner.

And then each year, I remind myself that late summer and fall are special, as well, with other activities. This weekend, for instance, is the Pancakes and Planes breakfast at the Waunakee Airport, a unique event to Waunakee meant to bring the community together and celebrate flight. Pilots will be on hand to show their planes and offer rides around Waunakee and Madison.

In September, Schumacher Farm Park will host its harvest festival with demonstrations of 1920s and 1930s farm machinery and life on the farm. Wauktoberfest will celebrate German culture with music, Oktoberfest beer, a wine tasting and fun games for all ages.

And then October arrives with harvest and Halloween events. It’s a time to explore corn mazes, enjoy the colorful foliage, and carve pumpkins. Fall also offers the opportunity to get outside without nasty mosquitoes and other bugs. Packers and Badgers football makes it especially exciting and adds to the fun.

But as I harvest tomatoes from our garden each morning and see the vines now wilting, I still feel a little sad that summer, with its long days, fireflies and flowers, is coming to an end. We will have to wait through three more seasons to see it again. Perhaps that’s what makes it so sweet.

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