Looking back at 2019, what seems to set the year apart from others were the many projects years in the making that finally came to fruition.

Many community members turned out to celebrate unveilings of the Waunakee Public Library, Schumacher Farm’s Center for Rural History and the Waunakee High School sculpture project. These were some of the few more public projects. Businesses also opened, including Zen Dogs Center and Luna Pet Resort, Boston’s Pizza, and most recently, the Red & White Wine Bar. The Lamphouse Apartments seems to be nearing completion, as well, and Waunakee’s Main Street is bustling.

Waunakee gained a new conservation area that will serve to retain stormwater in the O’Malley Marsh. And trail work is underway, linking the new library to neighborhoods for pedestrian access. The extension for the North Mendota trail from Woodland Drive along Hwy. M is also up for bid and expected to be completed in 2020.

With the above completed, the village board in 2020 will likely begin looking at future projects. That will include evaluating the public appetite for an aquatic center, and what form that facility should take. Whatever form that is will guide any decisions about its location.

Other questions remain in 2020 and beyond. Among them are:

-What will happen to the former library building on South Street?

-What recommendations will come from the new Community Development Authority that is being reinvigorated to further the goals of Waunakee’s Housing Task Force?

-What will the school referendum look like and how much will it cost?

All of the projects completed and those to come lead to one conclusion: This progressive community is constantly looking forward as it continues to grow, seeking out ways to improve and serve residents. And many residents have been actively involved, particularly in these public projects, donating funds, talent and time to see them through. The library is a perfect example.

The next year should be interesting as new projects are considered. The Tribune will be sure to cover these, so stay tuned in 2020.

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