This edition of the Tribune is what has been termed a “showcase” sent to all Waunakee area residents regardless of whether or not they subscribe to show what it has to offer.

Of course, the hope is those who don’t have a subscription will like what they see in these pages and consider purchasing one.

The Waunakee Tribune is a community newspaper, intended to inform readers about the place they live, about the people, businesses, government, churches and schools. As readers learn more about the Waunakee area, they feel stronger ties to it and feel more connected. In the end, the result is a closer knit community of individuals who become rooted here.

Several community leaders have also worked on fostering such connections. Events like WaunaFest, Wauktoberfest, WaunaBOOM, the Chalk Walk, Wine Walk, Boo Bash, Light the Night with Santa and others bring residents together to enjoy a festivity. Some also bring us downtown to explore the historic business district and the shops in the heart of the village. The library’s new location in the central business district also creates a downtown destination where residents can mingle.

The Tribune plays a role in informing readers each week not only about these events, but what’s going on at other community focal points. It includes information about happenings at the Village Center, the Senior Center and library, and the Coming Events section lists events organized by nonprofits throughout the area.

In late September, when Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes and other state officials visited Octopi Brewing to celebrate Craft Brewery Day, several remarked on the event spaces breweries have provided. Also, Octopi brews beer sent to just about every state in the U.S. along with several other countries, all indicating they’ve been brewed in Waunakee. That instills pride in some, and as Village Administrator Todd Schmidt remarked, it may help local residents fall in love with their place.

Recently, the Tribune reported that Waunakee was named the best suburb of Madison in a study. One resident remarked, “So now we’re a suburb?” The idea was that this village should have its own unique identity, rather than being lumped in with another larger city. And surely, Waunakee does. Those who live here take pride in its excellent schools, strong neighborhoods and stellar parks system. While the village is close to Madison where many work, it offers plenty of reasons to stay here on the weekends. As signs at the village’s entrances read, it’s “the Only Waunakee in the World.”

The Tribune informs readers about the Waunakee area with stories no other publication offers. If you don’t have a subscription, you’re probably missing out on news about this community and the events. You may also be missing the chance to feel more connected to the place you live.

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