Those who haven’t subscribed to the Waunakee Tribune may wonder why they received a copy in the mail today.

Today’s edition is a showcase, a free sampling, as it were, for all Waunakee residents, offering an opportunity to read the paper, learn more about their community, and find out what a subscription can deliver to them every week.

We produce these showcase editions three times per year in hopes that those who don’t subscribe will like what they see and want more. March seems to be the perfect time for such an edition, right before local elections when we print profiles of candidates for local government seats. With six candidates running for three village board seats, a write-in challenging the Waunakee village president, and three write-in candidates for the Waunakee school board, learning about who those names are on the ballot is especially important. With a showcase, we can provide this information to even more households.

But election coverage is just a sliver of the Waunakee news printed in the Tribune each week. Feature stories, such as our Neighbors profile, spotlight people who live or work in Waunakee. Our sports section highlights high school athletes. Our articles about Waunakee’s schools go beyond school board meetings, as we talk with educators and administrators about topics like 1:1 computing, test scores and different educational and even health trends.

For newer residents looking to plug into the community, the Coming Events section lists meeting dates for area clubs and organizations, presentations and workshops at the library, Village Center and other locations, along with concerts, festivals and other fun things to do. Those who have lived here their whole lives can use this section to plan, as well.

Our award-winning staff also attend municipal board meetings, so we can report on how your tax dollars are being spent, new developments in the planning stages and policies considered by the boards.

All in all, the Tribune brings readers news found in few other publications – valuable information for Waunakee area residents who want to actively participate in their community.

This is an exciting time for Waunakee, a dynamic community where businesses are opening to offer more services for the growing number of households. The Tribune covers these, as well.

Take some time to read the paper and get to know this Only Waunakee in the World a little better.

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