You never know when something will show up at your doorstep and possibly change your life.

Recently, as I was leaving for work on a rainy Tuesday morning, I noticed a little gray cat, soaking wet, on ours. My husband Tim put out some food for it, and seeing its face was covered in snot, called animal rescue to pick it up. Tim said It seemed friendly, and so he suggested we adopt the animal.

That was a couple weeks ago. He’s followed up with the Dane County Humane Society since, and seeing that it was available for adoption, he and I headed down there Friday.

Despite its diminutive size, veterinarians there determined that, by its deteriorating teeth, it actually is a “senior” cat, though we have no idea how old. Several of its teeth had to be extracted.

The cat also had a nasty upper respiratory infection and so was on a heavy regimen of antibiotics. The vets were holding it there until she recuperated.

Still, we were allowed to visit with the cat, named Pumyra by the folks at the Humane Society. We discovered a spunky, affectionate, though shy, creature, much prettier now with all that snot gone from her face. We put a hold on the cat and planned to bring her home in a few days, once the vets believed she could be released.

Tim said that cat won the lottery. The animal had no idea whose doorstep it had landed on, and as luck would have it, she found some folks willing to take her in and give her what those in animal rescue call a forever home.

We’ve had several discussions about how our two resident cats will react to the addition to the family. The introduction will be gradual, but we foresee in the near future three cats romping around our house. One of our resident cats is quite a senior, at 14 years old, so this one will take some of the pressure off of him to play with the other 5- or 6-year-old.

Our rule in the past had been a maximum of two cats – one for each lap – but since we moved to a larger home in December, we’re less beholden to it. We now have more spaces for cats to do what they do most – sleep – and to play without getting under foot.

Still, I do fear I’ll eventually transform into a cat lady in as I grow older, with a house full of fur and one nested in my hair. My anxiety about this mounted at the Humane Society while I was looking at Pumyra. Seeing other beautiful cats in crates surrounding hers, I had a strong urge to take them all home with me.

For now, though, only Pumyra is invited home with us. We’ll have to find another name for her. We may just land on Lucky.

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