Dear Winter,

Why hello again! We weren’t expecting you quite so early. Did you look at your watch? You arrived in October and you weren’t due until late December.

While the snow you bring us looks lovely on the trees and brings a hush to our world, your timing has been a just a tad off this year.

We always appreciate your visit and stay in December, January and February. You deliver us plenty of opportunity for recreation, what with the sledding, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and all. We also appreciate the cozy times inside as you turn the temperature down outdoors. It’s a time for baking cookies, hot cocoa and board games as we snuggle on the couch.

But sometimes your early and unexpected arrivals are a little on the rude side.

Remember last April? Spring had just begun to visit with her warmer air and promise of rebirth. Robins had returned with their song, and the trees were just thinking of budging some leaves. But all of the sudden you barged in and dropped several inches of snow. What was that?

And remember a couple weeks ago, when autumn was visiting, bringing with him all the vibrant red and yellow foliage, again you delivered snow, blasting those leaves suddenly. We were having a splendid time with autumn, again able to get outdoors to comfortably walk and jog, and enjoy the cool air and warm sunshine. Then you came and kind of crashed our party.

Now we’re left to clean up after that shindig, to rake those leaves up, but the snowy party favor you left behind makes it difficult. Our villages trucks were geared up for leaf collection, but then snow plow attachments were needed. And how are we supposed to rake with snow on the leaves? What a mess!

We don’t mean to offend, really. We like you, particularly around the holidays when the lights we string up glisten in your snow. But you’ve begun to overstay your welcome.

Can we make one small request? Maybe you could bow out for a couple of weeks, go back up north, invite autumn to return, and let us celebrate Thanksgiving with him. Give us just a little more time with the third season of the year before you return.

Then, in about a month, we’d love to have you back. Once we’ve spent some more time with autumn watching the fall migration and getting our holiday shopping done, you’d be a welcome sight. You could drop maybe a couple inches of snow around Thanksgiving just for deer hunters, OK?

Just something to think about, Winter. We know you’re busy what with the storms you produce and all that freezing stuff. But wouldn’t you rather arrive as a welcome guest?

Thanks, and really, no hard feelings.

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