Political forums: The more the merrier

How candidates react to invitations to speak is a major indicator of how they will function as elected representatives. I read this advice as a candidate. It said if you only attend events for your base people might think you are a coward and might wonder how you would deal with difficult situations as an elected official.

As a former candidate, I can understand the intimidation that comes with attending an event hosted by a group that isn’t your base. However, I think it is difficult to respect candidates who limit themselves to certain “well-respected” groups. A grassroots organization may attract a different type of person because some groups may be limited in the membership they accept or perhaps they are invitation only, and new members of the community may not have tuned in to how to join a specific organization or may have a limited network. Some opportunities to see candidates don’t allow for audience participation with very formulaic questions submitted to the candidates in advance with them being able to simply repeat what their stance is. I don’t want to criticize efforts to host candidates as any opportunity to interact with the public is fantastic. I’m simply saying some functions and groups may serve a different purpose than an active question and answer session hosted by a grassroots organization.

As such, I am delighted to announce the Friends of Waunakee will be hosting their Third Annual “Meet the Candidates” event March 3 at 7 p.m. at the Village Center. Tim Kiefer will moderate a question and answer session where the audience is able to ask both school board candidates Joel Lewis and Joan Ensign and Village Board Candidates Nila Frye and Robert McPherson where they stand on the issues. Your voice matters to us, and we hope you take the opportunity to learn more about these candidates. All other candidates have received an invitation, and we certainly hope they respond positively to it.

Ann Lewandowski

Nila Frye is the one

If you want a person on the Village Board that just fills a chair, Nila probably isn’t the person for you.

Nila loves our community, does her homework, asks tough questions, and cares deeply about a government of the people, and for the people.

As a private citizen, she devoted her time to volunteering committee after committee year after year, never thinking about running for office. However, she woke up one day this past year and decided that it was something she needed to do. I think she felt as Waunakee is growing bigger, the board needed a person to ask those tough questions and makes the right decisions.

After raising her family in Waunakee, running a home daycare she felt that it was time to take one more thing and run for the Waunakee Village Board. I am voting for her in the Spring Election and I hope you will too!

Laurene Bach

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