Decision process still unclear

I think I confused planning commission members by using specific names (Festival Food and HyVee) when I asked for clarification on how a decision between the two might be made. Why? Because my question was never answered.

Yes, I did receive some good information such as Festival has not submitted a proposal to evaluate. Forward (HyVee) had a deadline of 2/15/2019. What defined the deadline and what would happen if Forward Development (HyVee) missed the deadline was still unclear. To be far, the question was roughly answered in that the village has only received one proposal.

However, I still believe the people of Waunakee deserve to know how a decision would be made if, for instance, Festival came in with a proposal prior to the approval of the HyVee project. Clarifying the process for judgement is a fair and reasonable exercise and fundamentally different than pre-judging a development application.

An official could discuss a policy of “first come first served” for instance. Alternatively, the guiding principle could be the least amount of cost to the taxpayers or biggest gain in public infrastructure. I didn’t need specific project details, just a general discussion of how decisions are made in a competitive environment. To hold our elected officials accountable, we must know how they think.

Ann Lewandowski

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