Lewandowski should be considered first

The result of having a top-notch school is we produce top notch students. It took a high school student to motivate me to become more informed. The very well thought out and written letter to the editor from Sam Kaufman did just that. In viewing the video of the June 17 board meeting, there were two questions that were not clearly answered. When previous seats had become vacant and filled by appointment, was it an uncontested seat? Probably, but not sure. And “what are we asking applicants?” asked by a board member. It was made clear what would be asked on the application form but not what was being asked specifically during the interview, which is more important in my opinion. If indeed the previous seats filled were uncontested, then I believe the next highest vote should be the first consideration. As previous readers have contributed, Ann Lewandowski put in the energy, commitment and time to be on the ballot. 1693 votes for Springman vs 1408 for Lewandowski is not a landslide. Also, worth noting is Lewandowski had only 66 votes less than Phillip Willems, also not a landslide. So, thanks Sam, for “getting me off the couch” per say and getting myself up to date in local matters.

Dee Wasylik

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