One new, not 3 grocery stores

I would like to weigh in on our choices of grocery stores. I don’t really care which one is chosen, but I think only one needs to be chosen. I don’t think Waunakee can support three grocery stores...yes, three! In all of the articles I’ve read so far, I don’t think I’ve seen anything about what this might do to the Piggly Wiggly. I’m pretty sure you will drive The Pig out of business if you decide to build two more grocery stores. It won’t be able to survive the prices these stores can charge by buying in bulk. I see and hear “buy local” on many things in and around town. Yet some of our village board members sit ready to say yes to both box store groceries and leave a local business out to dry. Waunakee is growing, and I think getting a couple national chains here is a good thing. Let’s not go too fast or overdue it. Let’s slow down a little. What’s wrong with keeping some our small town charm?

Ric Miller

Why rush

for 2 stores?

I’m having a hard time understanding why there is a rush to add not one but two very similar grocery stores. They have their differences but not as though one is a Trader Joe’s or a Willy Street co-op. It appears there is some trepidation that if there are two, one may not make it. Why take that chance? Let’s start with one and down the road, consider the need for another. If it’s true that there are limits for building in place to keep the growth of Waunakee in check, then a gradual approach makes more sense. Let’s not forget that the south end of Waunakee has easy access to Pick N Save in Middleton. Also, what are the long-term plans for the area surrounding these grocery stores? Seldom do we see a stand-alone grocery store if there is space available.

Dee Wasylik

What would

Jesus do?

Many years ago while teaching Sunday school, I purchased a children’s book, “What would Jesus Do?” At the end of Sunday school classes, I read the book to the children. I was surprised when I began asking myself, “What would Jesus Do?”

It’s easy to go through life with our thoughts and decisions, never questioning the validity of our actions. The Waunakee Area Chamber of Commerce directory lists nine churches. It is wonderful Waunakee has many different churches and many people attending those churches. My question is, “How many of you ask, ‘What would Jesus do?’” Are we going to be a community working together to find solutions to issues in Waunakee or will we ignore the problems?

I know I fall short every day with decisions I make. I realize I can do better. Do the citizens in our village have the courage to ask, “What would Jesus do?” and the strength to act?

I am not suggesting religion and government should be mixed. I am suggesting that all of those attending church to reach deep in side of themselves and ask hard questions to help the village find solutions to difficult issues.


Nila Frye

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